Turner Brass Works, est. 1871

Museum Artifact: Turner-White “Hot Blast” Blow Torch, c. 1905

Made By: Turner Brass Works, N. Franklin St & Michigan Street (now 225 W. Hubbard St.), Chicago, IL

“A pint torch for general light work, constructed with our improved automatic brass pump in the tank. The burner is of heavy bronze, strong and durable. For electricians, painters, etc., we guarantee it to give perfect satisfaction.”—description of the White No.

American Cutlery Co., est. 1865

Museum Artifact: Kitchen Scale, c. 1900s

Made by: American Cutlery Co., 732-764 Mather St. (W Lexington St.), Chicago, IL

If it seems like this turn-of-the-century kitchen scale reveals just a little bit more grace and attention-to-detail than the other dozen or so scales in our museum collection, consider it a lasting testament to the high standards of the American Cutlery Company.

As the name suggests,

Pelouze Scale & MFG Co., est. 1894

Museum Artifact: Pelouze “Star” Miniature Postal Scale., c. 1900

Made By: Pelouze Scale & MFG Co., 133 S. Clinton St. / 118 W. Jackson Blvd. / 232 E. Ohio St., Chicago, IL

Considering Chicago was the unofficial spring-scale capital of the world, the Pelouze Scale & Manufacturing Company had no shortage of competition in its industry. Even our own museum collection includes quality offerings from Pelouze contemporaries like the American Cutlery Co.

Oliver Typewriter No. 5 by Oliver Typewriter Co., c. 1910

Oliver Typewriter Company, 159 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL. Factory: Woodstock, IL

“The Oliver Typewriter No. 5, which is now being placed on the market, is the ‘last word’ in typewriters—a Symphony in Steel. It is scientific in principle, flawless in construction, accurate in adjustment, splendidly efficient in operation.”—Oliver Typewriter Co. catalog, 1908

Produced between 1907 and 1914, the Oliver No. 5 was also the last offering from Thomas Oliver himself,