Thor Power Tool Co. & Speedway MFG Co., est. 1886

Thor Speed Drill

Museum Artifact: Thor Speed Drill, type 201, c. 1956

Made By: Speedway Manufacturing Co. (division of Thor Power Tool Co.), 1834-1875 S. 52nd Ave. (Laramie Ave.)., Cicero, IL

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12 thoughts on “Thor Power Tool Co. & Speedway MFG Co., est. 1886

  1. I have this very interesting Speedway item that I have no idea of what it is!it is not a complete tool like a drill or grinder. It is instead part or some kind of small machine with an electric motor mounted to a stepdown gearbox that turns slowly with a cranking motion.
    It still works great and I would really like to find out ehat it is

  2. hi i have one of these drill machine it looks like the one on the picture on this page.. i would like to get rid of it if there someone thats intrested

  3. I bought a vintage Thor Model 60 Farm Tool (electric impact gun) at a garage sale that I love using since it is so handy to grab and go with. The problem is the gun is not strong enough to remove automotive lug nuts. I would think it should do that with ease. Is it wearing out? Need new brushes? Or am I expecting too much from it? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  4. My Grandpa left me a Speedway MFG CO. Thors SpeedGrinder Tye 128, serial #15990, Single Phase 1/4 HP Volts 115, AC 60, Cycle AMPS75, RPM 3400. In good condition. Trying to find out the year of this and to be able to buy new grinding wheels for it. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

  5. I bought from EstateSales Thor speed sow code 911 very old I would like to sale it .any ideas how much I can get ?someone advised me to get in touch with the original company (Thor power tool company ) any information will be helpful

  6. My father William Sopusek was the Speedway Mfg. Co. office manager and company secretary in the 1940 & 1950 era. I remember very little of that time, but he was still there during the Thor era in La Grange Park.

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