Bear Brand Hosiery Co., est. 1894

Bear Brand Hosiery history

Museum Artifact: Bear Brand Hosiery Box – Women’s Hose 103 Biscayne, c. 1920s

Made By: Bear Brand Hosiery Company (formerly Paramount Knitting Co.), 337 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL [Multiple Factories – Including Kankakee, IL]

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2 thoughts on “Bear Brand Hosiery Co., est. 1894

  1. I found a yellow post card size with 5 brown bear punch outs, indicating Daddy Bear and 4 small bears. Bottom left of card, 1937 Bear Brand Hosiery Co.
    On opposite side of card, an interesting statement, “Boys and girls would be gay Wear BEAR BRAND HOSE for school or play!
    Good condition! Anyone interested in purchasing this card?

  2. I just found a lid from a “Bear Brand Hosiery Wears” box, and wondered if the company is still
    in business.

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