Johnson Products Company, est. 1954

Museum Artifact: Ultra Sheen Conditioner & Hair Dress – 8oz Jar, c. 1970s

Made By: Johnson Products Company, Inc., 8522 S. Lafayette Ave., Chicago, IL [Chatham]

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Johnson Products History

3 thoughts on “Johnson Products Company, est. 1954

  1. Please as a patient in a nursing home and as a former one of hospitals, I have been to only one out of approximately 5 that had hair care for Black patients! They recieve about 300.00 a day from medicaid and medicare in most cases and take many peoples social security on top of that! The patients then have 30-50.00 monthly please could your sales reps start calling nursing facilities and hospitals across America and get your products in them? We need your help asap!
    Respectfully Lisa Crutchfield-Gross currently@ Indian Springs of Oakley, 4900 Babson place, Cincinnati, Ohio

    1. Hi Lisa, we wish we could help, but this is a museum about Chicago manufacturing history. We have no connection to the Johnson Products Company and we’re not sure Johnson is still making hair care products as of 2023. Very sorry that similar products are not being made available for you. –Made In Chicago Museum

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