Sun Electric Corporation, est. 1931

Sun Electric Ignition tester

Museum Artifact: Sun Volts-Ignition Tester + Sun 504 Distributor Tester Sign, c. 1960s

Made By: Sun Electric Corporation, 6323 N. Avondale Ave., Chicago, IL [Edison Park]

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6 thoughts on “Sun Electric Corporation, est. 1931

  1. i bought a sun electric corporation timing light
    model: tl-600
    who can tell me the manual of this.i want to send it to this museum. please contact me

  2. I used Sun Electric equipment from 1967 until I retired from automotive work in 1993. The Vat 40 and several models of Engine Analyzers including the big ones with scopes and computer screens hung from out shop ceiling and slid along a long I-beam track. Once the cars started self-diagnostics. I could see the end coming to the big diagnostic equipment. However, when I hear a dealer say, “These codes mean this is why your car runs like shit. However, we won’t really know until replace these parts and then we will see if it needs more.”, I think we really have not progressed very far. I am most thankful that most vehicles really last a long time without needing repairs.

  3. This is the sign for the model DT-504 Distributor Tester and it sat on top of the headframe and was attached with screws.

  4. I just bought a instrument in the picture above, would you kindly let me know how this work, or do you have a training Manuel on this instrument?

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