Jaques MFG Co., est. 1890

KC Baking Powder - Jaques MFG History

Museum Artifact: K C Baking Powder 10 oz. Can, c. 1900s

Made By: Jaques MFG Co., 1601 S. Canal Street, Chicago, IL [South Loop]

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5 thoughts on “Jaques MFG Co., est. 1890

  1. I have a wooden KC Baking Powder box that says Same price today as fifty years ago and 25 OUNCES FOR 25 CENTS made at Jacques Mfg. Co Chicago. This full box was shipped to a general store in Mazie OK in 1940’s that my grand parents owned. What is it’s value today please

  2. Is Jaques Manufacturing Company still amking KC Baking Powder? If so, how would I contact them. If they don’t make KC baking powder anymore, who does?

  3. I found a very old cookbook that goes back several generations. Inside is a small booklet with recipes with KC Baking Powder. The booklet states the manufacturer is Jaques Manufacturing Company. There are pictures of recipes and people that look turn of the century.

    The book begins by explaining or defending baking soda, like it was controversial.

    1. I just found an ad for KC Baking Powder in the 5 May 1916 edition of the Lincoln Star Journal newspaper. I do genealogy research but decided to look at vintage recipes instead of people tonight. The picture in the ad was for potato doughnuts. Does the booklet you found contain that recipe? If so, would you be willing to share it? Says I could write to the manufacturer and request the 10 cooking lessons and 54 tested recipes. Wish I could. Thanx a bunch.

      1. Interestingly enough that Recipie is you are looking for is in a cook book from their other company Gold Label. It’s from 1921 and these books are all over eBay for some reason.

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