Republic Molding Corp., est. 1946

Republic Molding Polly Flex

Museum Artifact: Polly Flex Tumblers / Plastic Cups, c. 1950s

Made By: Republic Molding Corporation, 6465 N. Avondale Ave., Chicago, IL [Edison Park]

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9 thoughts on “Republic Molding Corp., est. 1946

  1. I have some Republic Molding Corp. No. 306 containers. I have had them for probably 30 years to so, maybe more.

    They are in perfect condition. I am just wondering if they are still safe to use; they are so old there are no recycle numbers on the bottom to indicate.

    Thank you for any advice you can give.

  2. Hello folks I just found some freezette plastic containers I used one for almost 40 years wow now I use them for pistachio nuts when I am watching the game great quality Mom was not wealthy wonder where she got them and when they stopped making them?

  3. Hi,

    Please tell us if and/or we can buy or order new Republic Freezette, Chicago, No 183 containers.

    We moved to Ireland from the US a few years ago, but have not found them here.

    Thanks, Bride and Gary

    Cell 085 252 6014
    Home 090 250 5641

  4. I found an advertising postcard from Republic Molding Corporation for a Freezette Supply Display. It might have some information on it that could be useful? It has a nice picture on front.

  5. Hi –
    I have 2 Freezette Containers I have been using for many many years. They remain in very good condition. I think they are about a half gallon in size, and have a lid that you push in or pull out.

    I’m wondering, with all the concern about plastics leaching into foods, if you think it’s all right to keep using these containers. There’s no recycling symbol or number on the bottom. I would love to keep using them if they are safe. I appreciate any advice you can offer.

  6. In the late 60s I purchased a popcorn maker manufactured by Republic Molding. It’s made of a hard plastic and I paid under $1.00 for it. It’s for micro popping and is the very best popper. One of my prized kitchen products!

  7. I was given a gift of several of your freezit containers in 1980. Here we are 41 years later and I’m still using the same containers. I’ve used them thousands and thousands of times over the years and even boiled water in them in the microwave hundreds and hundreds of times. And they are as good now as when they were gifted to me. One of the highlights for me is they are not made in china! I tell people about your product all the time and how long I have had them.

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