Armstrong Brothers Tool Company, est. 1890

Armstrong Bros Monkey Wrench

Museum Artifact: 8″ Steel Pipe Monkey Wrench, c. 1920s

Made By: Armstrong Bros. Tool Co., 317-357 N. Francisco Ave., Chicago, IL [East Garfield Park]

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9 thoughts on “Armstrong Brothers Tool Company, est. 1890

  1. Does anyone have photos of the Armstrong brothers who founded the company? George Pius Armstrong was my great grandfather. I have one photo of their father John Pius Armstrong. George P passed away around 1893. Both he and his wife passed away from TB leaving my grandfather George Edward Armstrong an orphan. I believe my grandfather may have had a couple of siblings that also passed away

  2. Armstrong Brothers Tool Company was started by my great grandfather (John Armstrong) and his three brothers. Their first location was on Francisco Ave., but they moved to a much larger plant in 1948 located on the Northwest side at 5200 W. Armstrong Ave. Armstrong-Bray was a subsidiary that they purchased in 1979. In 1904 together with their neighbors the Blum brothers they also founded founded Armstrong-Blum Mfg. Co. which manufactured metal cutting saws and saw blades at 5800 W. Bloomingdale Ave. in Chicago.

    1. I believe I am one of your relatives. My great grandfather was George Pius Armstrong one of the founding brothers of the company. He passed away in around 1893 leaving my grandfather George Edward Armstrong an orphan. My grandfather was raised by his uncles and I believe most of the time he lived with Hugh Armstrong. I recently found a photo of the brother’s father John Pius Armstrong. I think one of my siblings might have a photo of George Pius. I used to be able to find some photos of the companie’s history which included a group photo of some of the employees. Any photos or information you have would be most appreciated.

      1. Hello Susan and Don.
        Paul Armstrong was my great grandfather and a brother to your George and John. I think that means you are my third cousins, with immigrant dad John Pius Armstrong being a common great-great grandfather.

        George had the first patent that got the business rolling. John had a half dozen patents about ten years later.

        If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link to a 100th anniversary company write-up.
        It’s a very cool history, full of family pride.

    2. Would someone like a picture of John Armstrong. It’s a 5X7. He was a family friend. He flew airplanes right? My mother was Tracy Pilurs who built The Pretty Purple Puddy Tat (psssst for short) I met his nephew very shortly at an air show as he was flying through. I’ll never forget him for some odd reason. He was a lovely man. Very kind, very intelligent. I think about him all the time. We went to The World Aerobatic Championship 1969 I held the American flag in the opening day ceremony. He was like a father figure because I was always at the airport waxing planes or with my mom at air shows. I still have his picture on my fridge. I’m 70 now so if it would be treasured as it’s been let me know

  3. I have a pay stub from 1939 when my dad worked there. He was paid .70 cents an hour for a total of $28. They took out .28cents for “oab”…I don’t know what that is.

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