Chicago Screw Company, est. 1872

Chicago Screw Company history

Museum Artifact: Computer for Heat-Treated Hexagon Head Cap Screws, 1957

Made for: The Chicago Screw Company, div. of Standard Screw Co., Bellwood, IL [previously 1026 S. Homan Ave., Chicago, IL (Homan Square)]

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12 thoughts on “Chicago Screw Company, est. 1872

  1. Just came across my grandfather’s WWII draft card, he was 34 at the time and living in Chicago. It says he was employed by Accurate Screw Co. Not quite “Standard Screw Co” but does anyone know of an Accurate Screw Co that would have existed in Chicago back then?

  2. Would this be the Chicago Screw and Iron Company? My uncle worked there, I believe in a top management position, in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

  3. My father started working at the Chicago Screw Company in 1942 before going off to the War. He retired with 42 years of service. I spent several summers working in the cafeteria washing dishes, then doing factory maintenance, tappet production & heat treat. No factory air conditioning in those days. Pa & his working buddies were close & enjoyed many activities together..from softball-golf-dances-picnics-Christmas parties & going to the UAW center in Ottawa for week-ends w/families. Even after retirement, they spent time together. Still have products from the Chicago Screw Company in the garage & still have the Omega watch they gave Pa after his 35th year anniversary.

  4. I’m working to convert the property in Bellwood where the Chicago Screw Company’s factory stood into a reservoir. I have a lot of questions about the building if anyone has more information.

    1. My grandfather worked for “Central Screw Company, 35th and Shields, Chicago IL”, in 1942. I was also wondering if this is the same…

      1. Jean Brown; my father worked for “Central Screw Company” in Chicago in the late 1930’s long before I was born in the 1950’s. I grew up hearing about it and how my father lost half the eyesight in his right eye due to shrapnel flying from his machine. He knew everything there was about screws. I also, wonder if this was the same company.

  5. Worked at Chicago Screw, Stanscrew Division in 1964 and was transferred to the Los Angeles distribution center in 1965. The next company move was to the San Francisco branch and from there I was transferred to the Portland distribution center serving the Pacific Northwest. My sales territory covered OR,WA,ID,AK and BC. Those were memorable times because all our products were made in the USA. My key distributors included Portland Screw, Tacoma Screw Products, and Malkin and Pinton in BC. When imported fasteners became the dominate source of nuts and bolts, the domestic manufacturing plants were unable to compete with the imported products. I was able to go to work for a large distributor of fasteners in Oakland, CA and spent 30 years with ACF Components & Fasteners in Hayward CA. The company was sold to a Japanese company and is still in business.
    I owe my business success to the training I received while at Chicago Screw Co.

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