C. H. Hanson Company, est. 1866

C. H. Hanson History - Chicago

Museum Artifact: Promotional Paperweight, c. 1920s

Made By: C. H. Hanson Co., 303 W. Erie St., Chicago, IL [River North]

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9 thoughts on “C. H. Hanson Company, est. 1866

  1. I have a roughly 1 1/2 square tag made by the company. The co. Name is on the top over a long horizontal slot. Under that it says
    I. N. G.
    TROOP A.
    1st CAV.
    Not sure the age or usage. Pretty cool. Rounded corners and silver with the letters recessed and possibly once painted black.

  2. I have several family members who have and continue to work for CH Hanson. The company is now located in Naperville, IL.

  3. I have a coin from the Marking Device Associations 34th Convention in 1948. It has a man on the front and says “Stamp Men Have to Hustle. The back says memento by the C.H. Hanson Co. Chicago.

    My great aunts husband owned a rubber stamp co. and went to these conventions back in the day.

    I would love to know more about this coin and its value if possible.

  4. I’m writing a history of this company for a numismatic publication, and would be interested in hearing from anyone having information regarding the tokens and medals struck by them over the years.

  5. Hi I have a 5 star badge with your mark . Village of Clerk , Palatine. . Name on back is Louis A. Jones . Any info regarding this would be greatly appreciated a value please. Kindest regards Armando

  6. I have a 5 point Depurty Sheriff’s Winnebago Co. badge with a
    The C.H Hanson stamp on back.
    Would you have any idea when it was made ?

  7. I have an internal revenue service from my grand father. I believe it is from early 1900s.. stamped on back is c h hanon Co Chicago. He was station in Chicago so I believe it is one of yours. Stamped on front under US is 881. Looking for history or when produced etc. No one left to leave it to so may donate or sell to a collector. No apparent damage. Thanks. Tom Halvorsen 239 810 7985

  8. Before my Father passed he gave me a ‘Chicago Police Reserve’ star/badge with the City emblem in the middle and the number 1114 below. On the back it’s stamped THE C. H. HANSON -CO- CHICAGO. The star has 6 points

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