A. C. Rehberger Co., est. 1912

Rehberger history

Museum Artifact: Novelty Lion Paperweight / Statuette, 1919

Made By: Rehberger Manufacturing Company / A. C. Rehberger Co., 1217 W. Webster Ave., Chicago, IL [Lincoln Park]

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4 thoughts on “A. C. Rehberger Co., est. 1912

  1. I bought a A.C. Rehberger Company lamp, a decal on the inside of the base says REH CRAFT. It has 3 vintage looking cast football player around the base of the lamp. Just looking for any information about the company or the lamp

  2. I have an Iron Foreman “ink pen” desk set. No names anywhere. It is a very crisp molded piece. I’m trying to find out something about it. My thoughts are that some higher up in a cole company had one made and reproductions of it started showing up on ashtrays. That is only a WAG, but a well reasoned out one.

  3. Hi, did you know Rehberger also made detailed cast airplane models, notably the Boeing 314 Clipper and Boeing 247 transport. They are highly sought after by airplane ashtray collectors. I am trying to find out more about them.

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