Vail MFG Co., est. 1926

Vail Victor Stapler

Museum Artifact: Victor Stapler, c. 1940s

Made By: Vail Manufacturing Co., 900 E. 96th St., Chicago, IL [Pullman]

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3 thoughts on “Vail MFG Co., est. 1926

  1. I have a victor stapler it’s a brass color how do I find out the history and value on it? I have no information. It belonged to my uncle who passed away on 10/2022.

  2. I believe that Vail Manufacturing was the pre-curser to ACCO Brands, or was acquired by ACCO. ACCO originally was the American Clip Co. I joined the company in 1976, just after they moved to 770 S. Acco Plaza in Wheeling IL. The original products were wire coat hangers, which were discontinued as the company shifted into office products. There is a book titled “I Worked for a Clip Joint” written by Ray Stamm, the long time sales manager. That should provide more information. Acco paper clips were the most popular paper clips in the USA from the 1970s to today. Other products were Acco prong fasteners, staples and staples, paper punches, report covers and ring binders. The company is still in business in the US and globally.

  3. My Great Grandfather used to work there according to his WW2 draft card. He was 63 at the time. Augusto Caputo. This was neat to see what they made.

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