W. M. Welch Scientific Company, est. 1880

Welch Scientific Company History - Galvanometer

Museum Artifact: Bakelite Galvanometer, 1960s

Made By: W. M. Welch Scientific Co., 1515 N. Sedgwick St., Chicago, IL [Old Town]

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  1. W.M. Welch Scientific Company A.C. Voltometer it looks to have a hand written serial no. 293483 cat.no. 3081 it still works perfectly. I’m partial to it because of my fascination in alternating current electricity; but not necessarily attached to the item, being that I found it on the side of the rode somewhere. I’ve seen similar items going for as little as $20-25. Which i feel, personally is rather low.

  2. I have a Welch Scientific Company “Short-Wave Radio”. Can any one provide a source and/or any operating information for this device.

  3. I am trying to obtain information on a bausch and lomb optical microscope #198054 . it has W.M. Welch, and Scientific company Illinois USA, on it It has some brass pieces and is in excellent condition. any and all info will be greatfully appreciated. looking to sell. Thank you

  4. I have an item made by The Welch Scientific Company that looks like, and operates like, a tire pump. It even has a tire valve in one of the barbed hose fittings. I don’t think it is used for putting air into tires but has a use in the medical or funeral industry. Could someone enlighten me on the exact purpose of this item?

  5. I have a weighted balance scale that has a weighted balance beam and I assume it takes weights that you place on one of the weigh pads. The label says W. M. Welch Scientific Co. 1515 Sedgwick st. Chicago, Il.
    Established 1880.
    I was wondering if there is any value in this scale, what it was used to weigh. I believe it to have been used in an old fashioned pharmacy as it weighs in grams down to 10ths. Also it’s probable age. Thank you in advance for any information that you might have about this item.

  6. Hi everyone, I have a Duo-Seal, optimum RPM=525, and my motor is a GE 1/2 hp.
    Ser. No. is 17056-2. I’d say pump, motor, and base weigh maybe 100 lbs.
    I’m looking for oil.
    Larry (larplarry@gmail.com)

  7. A friend shared a picture of a poster that appears to have been distributed by W. M. Welch Scientific. The title of the poster is, ‘Chart of Electromagnetic Radiations’. Information on the poster shows that it was edited by Arthur H. Compton and complied by R. J. Stephenson and D. L. Barr. Can anyone tell me if this poster might be available and from whom?

  8. I am the great grandson of the company’s founder. Obtain a copy of an old Welch Scientific catalog. It will provide a wealth of information on the galvanometer and other equipment.

  9. I am now the proud owner of a under mount or “woodworkers” vise, barring the name, “W.M. Welch MFG CO”… here’s the REALLY interesting part (at least to me)… it also has “Chicago And Manitowoc” in its casting!! Not sure if this appropriate for this thread but this is some of very little information I can find on this manufacture!

  10. I have a bottle of Congo Red manufactured by W. M. Welch Scientific Company, Chicago, Ill.
    Please let me know what Congo Red was.

    1. Congo Red was a dye, originally developed and used to dye textiles, (mostly cotton) at one point, but phased out now for carcinogenic reasons. It is niw used primarily in histology (studying cells under a microscope) as it is water soluble and stains tissues differently depending upon pH. In acidic environments it maintains is bright red color, but turns blue when exposed to bases

      On a different note,, I have an old (still working) AC/DC Power Unit manufactured by W.M. Welch Scientific Co. Chicago. Iwas looking for jnfo on it, since I had it apart to add an on/of power switch and to replace the power cord that has cracked insulation and probably dangerous… That’s how I found this thread.

  11. I have come across an old Ulta- Glow lamp with 6 bottles of fluroesent paints. The bulb is dead. I was wondering if it is of value.

  12. I have a small tube corked of Litmus paper by Welch Mfg Co Chicago – paper inside looks pink – I am about to sell it if I can – does it have any value ? Thanks my dad was born in Chicago in 1913.

  13. My science teacher has this product from Welch company but she’s not sure what it is. I’ve taken the liberty of finding this info in case Idk it’s one of its kind or something. so the product in question is a metal instrument with a type of protractor on the bottom half of the stand and it has numbers on it that go from 10 to 180 both ways. and in the center of the device is what looks like the needle of a compass. it is approximately a centimeter in length and is red on one half and black on the other. might I get an answer on what this might be?

  14. Hi I have a Duo Seal vacuum pump serial # 3004-6 patent # 2337849. there is an another number on the body 1466-2. I need a motor for it and am not sure what size I need . Can you help me?

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