W. M. Welch Scientific Company, est. 1906

Welch Scientific Company History - Galvanometer

Museum Artifact: Bakelite Galvanometer, 1960s

Made By: W. M. Welch Scientific Co., 1515 N. Sedgwick St., Chicago, IL [Old Town]

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6 thoughts on “W. M. Welch Scientific Company, est. 1906

  1. I have a bottle of Congo Red manufactured by W. M. Welch Scientific Company, Chicago, Ill.
    Please let me know what Congo Red was.

  2. I have come across an old Ulta- Glow lamp with 6 bottles of fluroesent paints. The bulb is dead. I was wondering if it is of value.

  3. I have a small tube corked of Litmus paper by Welch Mfg Co Chicago – paper inside looks pink – I am about to sell it if I can – does it have any value ? Thanks my dad was born in Chicago in 1913.

  4. My science teacher has this product from Welch company but she’s not sure what it is. I’ve taken the liberty of finding this info in case Idk it’s one of its kind or something. so the product in question is a metal instrument with a type of protractor on the bottom half of the stand and it has numbers on it that go from 10 to 180 both ways. and in the center of the device is what looks like the needle of a compass. it is approximately a centimeter in length and is red on one half and black on the other. might I get an answer on what this might be?

  5. Hi I have a Duo Seal vacuum pump serial # 3004-6 patent # 2337849. there is an another number on the body 1466-2. I need a motor for it and am not sure what size I need . Can you help me?

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