Oscar Mayer & Co., est. 1883

Oscar Mayer history

Museum Artifact: “Little Oscar & The Bandit” Coloring Book, 1962

Made By: Oscar Mayer & Co., Inc., 1241 N. Sedgwick St., Chicago, IL [Near North Side]

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One thought on “Oscar Mayer & Co., est. 1883

  1. Hello,
    I am trying to get in contact with someone regarding a very rare, wooden Oscar Mayer & Bro Chicago Illinois Roast Beef crate that was seemingly used to transport 24 2lb can of roast beef to the US Marine corps Mess Hall, perhaps after the conclusion of WW1?.
    It is stamp dated 1919.
    I cannot find any information on this crate, so I’m reaching out to you to inquire as to which direction I should pursue regarding this item.
    I will attach a few pics for reference in the reply email, as I can’t seem to in this message board.

    -Best Regards

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