Peter Hand Brewing Co., est. 1891

Peter Hand Old Chicago and Old German Beer

Museum Artifacts: Peter Hand “Old Chicago” Dark Beer & “Old German” Style Beer Cans, c. 1970

Made By: Peter Hand Brewing Co., 1632 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago, IL [Near North Side]

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3 thoughts on “Peter Hand Brewing Co., est. 1891

  1. Why does it seem that no one ever talks about the devistating Peter Hand Brewery fire. I remember answering the phone call that told us there was a fire and my father was burned badly in it. My father is still alive still carrying the scars, and the trauma of the event.
    The man responsible for the fire felt so much remorse, after he came to see my father in the hospital, he took his own life and committed suicide because he was told my father would not survive. A senseless death, my father did survive. That fire was the real ending of the Peter Hand Brewery.

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