Flavour Candy Company, est. 1925

Flavour Candy Co. History - Chicken Bones

Museum Artifact: The Original Flavour Chicken Bones (Tin), 1927

Made By: Flavour Candy Co., 3922 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL [North Center]

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9 thoughts on “Flavour Candy Company, est. 1925

  1. Hello,
    I remember eating chicken bones candy as a kid and they were not the cinnamon type they advertise today. I know they are similar to a Zagnut bar and I really really want to find them! If anyone can help me find them I would appreciate it! I keep telling people about them and they think I made it up but I know they are still out there…I hope!

  2. My father, who was born and raised on the South Side, would sing us the Chicken Bones jingle, which I still remember today. “Chicken Bones are different, a different kind of candy. They’re munchy and they’re crunchy, And their flavor is quite dandy. They’re filled with nuts and butterscotch, to please a taste most fickle. And what is more important, you buy them for a nickel. (Spoken) AND ARE THEY GOOD!

  3. I acquired a glass candy jar with the label still in perfect shape and made by Flavour company. The label says Flavour Sticks on it. I am trying to value the jar if anyone has information please post.

  4. Wow….I loved these as a kid and I’m sure I would still !!!! If anyone knows of a similar candy please post it up. You are never too old to get cavities.

  5. I have been looking for Chicken Bones candy for YEARS! I was beginning to think I had imagined it. Does anyone else make it, the butterscotch outside with the chewy inside like the Flavour Co used to make? If so, who? I love to get some.

  6. I grew up near California park during the 1970s. I have a memory of smelling butterscotch in the air especially during the summertime. Were there any candy factories near Irving Park and the river?

    1. The smell you were smelling was from FM Corp aka Food Materials Corp. They were a Custom Flavor factory. They were at Irving park & California right next to the river. Southwest side of the river bridge. Plant closed when bought out by International Flavor & Frages & moved to new Jersey. They made the Bubble Gum Flavor Canfields Pop & the Butter Flavor for pop corn. They only sold their products to food plants.I worked their a short time in 1984?

  7. This candy was much like Zagnut candy bars only much like bite size. Chicken Bones candy is still made today under other brands. What would the tin be worth today?

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