Andes Candies, est. 1921

Andes Candies history

Museum Artifact: Andes Candies Tin, c. 1960s

Made By: Andes Candies, Inc., 4430 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL [Uptown]

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8 thoughts on “Andes Candies, est. 1921

  1. I remember the wonderful smell whenever we walked past the Andes Candies Ice cream parlor. in the Grand and Harlem shopping district. It was THE place to go for banana splits!

  2. I was born in 1949 in Chicago. We had a large family. We lived on the NW side. We always bought confections, chocolates and nuts from Andies. Always bought a gift from Andies for the hostess, when invited out. Those were simpler, more appreciative special times.

  3. Was there and Andy’s candies store that also sold milkshakes and such somewhere on Chicago avenue and maybe Paulina in the 1950s?

  4. My name is Angle Belios Ross. My father met Mr.Kanelos at a candy convention in Chicago.donot know the year but they became very good friends. We went to a wedding in Chicago and was treated to lunch by Mr and Mrs Kanelos at the club om Laleshore Drive Mr kanelos came to Nashville ,Tenn to visit my parents, had dinner at our home and he offered my father a job in California to run his candy factory, But Candyland was doing so well that he declined the offer Mr.Kanelos came downstairs where my sisters and I were and said’I am buying you girls a surprise it was our first black and white T.V. I remember him as a very kind gentlemanHow I remembered all of this I donot know. My sisters are deceased as my parentsCongratulations that you have been in business over 100 years and your product is fantastic’I wish I had done something with my father ‘s icecream but unfortulately I didnot Congratulations again ,Also ,they took a long trip to the redwoods with two other gentlemen

  5. Was there an Andie’s Candies near North Ave between Chicago and Oak Park? I believe my mother went there in the ‘30s and 40s and once ate a huge “Bismarck” ice cream concoction?
    Sorry for long post!

  6. Cir. 1963, I frequented Andes (or Andies) Candies on the northeast corner of Fullerton and Pulaski. Aside from the candy, there was a soda fountain at the back of the shop. Several booths and maybe fountain stools?. Served delicious sundaes, malts & milkshakes, floats and cones. Was this a location of this Andes Candies?

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