Central Waxed Paper Co., est. 1915

Central Waxed Paper Company History

Museum Artifact: Original Bread Wrapper Wax Proof Sheets, 1920s

Made By: Central Waxed Paper Co., 5659 W. Taylor Street, Chicago, IL [Austin / The Island]

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One thought on “Central Waxed Paper Co., est. 1915

  1. My father Joseph W. Haley Jr. was a designer (of the Wonder Bread design), and Special Sales Agent, also equipment designer for Central Wax Paper Co.. In 1948 ? was offered a VP. but had to decline as he was suffering from heart and lung problems brought on from exposure to Mustard Gas during his service in the 42nd Rainbow Div. WWI. In the next year, my father retired, and we move from the house we had built in Skokie Woods in the Suburbs, to Sarasota Fl. where my grandfather Judge Joseph W. Haley had a residence since 1872. I think I have one of my fathers business cards and I do have his brass microscope he use in his office on La Sal ? street. I remember that I accompanied him down town to his office in our 48 Buick which was a company car (later gifted to him in retirement) and to some of his calls to Kraft.Curtis,Mars and others. You have some of those large boxes from those and other Candy Co’s, which we received during the Holiday’s. Though my sister and I only received a few pieces, as the rest he took to some of the poor sections down town. My father often took me out of school to travel by Steam Trains to other cities, for the company. I am now 80 and live in Tallahassee Fl. I hope any of this is of interest in your research. email jhaley3rd@msn.com 850-386-1874

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