E.B. Millar & Co., est. 1870s

Millar's Coffee History

Museum Artifact: Millar’s Nut-Brown Brand Coffee Just-Rite Tin, c. 1930s

Made By: E.B. Millar and Company, 426 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL [West Town]

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5 thoughts on “E.B. Millar & Co., est. 1870s

  1. l found a calendar in my father’s thongs that is 1909 and it has the E B Millar & Company name on it . l am trying to find if it is a real antique.

  2. Millar’s at one point was in the Penang Building at Michigan & South Water Street, Chicago. I have a price list and illustrated small sign (on other side of price list) showing the building, their name on it, and horse-drawn wagons and what looks like one motor vehicle (so likely early 1900s). It’s a company not that recognized as important to Chicago history, but it is!

  3. We just acquired the back section of a delivery truck from the Millar Coffee Co, it has a book from the 50’s in the back. The truck lists coffee, tea and spices. It is red with white lettering. Any information on the Denver location would be appreciated as we are located in Colorado.

  4. I just found a Christmas postcard from 1917 from this company. It’s in NM condition. I was just wondering what they made. And now I know. I wish I could include a picture.

  5. Maverick Coffee can (quite used & abused etc.) but is the Maverick Brand Millar & Co. Fresh Roasted Coffee . Coffee can has a bale handle,lid.& blue-ish color
    back ground.. How old would it be?

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