Schutter Candy Co., est. 1914

Schutter Candy

Museum Artifact: Bit-O-Honey Candy Display Box, c. 1940s

Made by: Schutter Candy Company (Schutter-Johnson Candy Co.), 1013 N. Cicero Ave. [West Humboldt Park]

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6 thoughts on “Schutter Candy Co., est. 1914

  1. My Grandfather, George Schutter, designed, created and patented much of the machines used to automate the production of the various candy products. My father, also named George, worked in the factory as a boy, starting as a almond roaster in the ovens, in summertime Chicago. My Grandfather paid my Dad less than anyone else in a similar role so that no one could say he got special treatment. Sadly, my Grandfather had a falling out with his brothers while my Dad was away fighting WWII. He sold his share of the company to his brothers before the end of the war.

  2. My grandmother was a Schutter from Mount Clements Michigan. There were candy makers in previous generations. I’ve been looking for information for many years.

    1. Bob Schutter lived in Kennilworth, IL with his wife Elizabeth. He was born in Appleton, WI, along with his sister Gertrude. Gertrude was my great grandmother.

      Bob was a real estate investor and started the candy company in 1935 in Chicago. He passed in 1976. I’m not sure if his other sibling was in MI.

  3. I was going through old family photos and came across a pic of Schutter Candy Co bowling league dated April 5 1944. I believe my grandmother Claire Jean Hicks in in the photo. Could this be verified. Thanks Randy Hicks

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