M. Klein & Sons, est. 1857

Klein & Sons history

Museum Artifact: Lineman’s Pliers, 1942

Made By: M. Klein & Sons / Klein Tools, 3200 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL [Avondale]

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8 thoughts on “M. Klein & Sons, est. 1857

  1. I have a wire puller (tightener). It was in use by our family for tightening barb wire in the late 1940s. I have been unsuccessful in attaching a photo to this note but I will keep trying. The tightener is approximately 6 inches in size. On one face of this tool is a circular emblem inside of which is embossed a figure on a power pole. On the inside edge of the circle is the words Klein Tools. On the outer edge of the embossed circle is 2 M KLEIN & SONS CHICAGO USA. On the same face but further along the tool is the number 1604-20. On the other side of the tool is embossed the letters JM. These may simply be the initials of a previous owner, After wire brushing the rust, the only color I can find is red. Is this likely to be the manufacturer’s original paint? If you reply with an email I may have better luck sending the photo.

  2. I found a tool in my dad’s garage, marked m Klein & sons Chicago I’ll, with number 1604-20 imprinted on back. It’s blue & an odd shape, with a hinged handle, looks like it is used to crimp. Can u help me identify it?

  3. I have my Grandpa’s old M. Klein & Sons reversible linesman crimpers. My Uncle had them and he just gave them to me today. The are well used. I’m trying to find out what the logo originally looked like. But I can’t find the exact same logo on line. It has two side parts that aren’t on any examples I can find online. I’m also trying to figure out the manufacture date. They have the numbers 123-15 on the handle. He worked for B.C. Hydro. When he started it was B.C. Electric. In Canada. It would be neat to know a little bit more. He’s been gone since 2011. So I can’t ask him. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day.

  4. I have lineman pliers m.klein and sons on the handle Kim 18 k. I got them from grandfather over 50 years ago and he had them for many years.

  5. Hello,

    I have a brass telegraph cable puller labeled M. Klein & Sons parented 1892.

    What do you think i should insure it for?

    I plan to pass it down to my grandson in my estate.

    Many thanks,

    Professor JB Groves III CCN

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