James S. Kirk & Company, est. 1839

james s kirk soap violet

Museum Artifact: Box of 3 “Violet” Perfumed Soaps, c. 1910s

Made By: James S. Kirk & Company, 320 East North Water Street, Chicago, IL [Downtown / The Loop]

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5 thoughts on “James S. Kirk & Company, est. 1839

  1. I have a small (2-3” tall) clear glass bottle that says “ Jas. S. Kirk & Company. Perfumers Chicago” embossed on it, Did the Kirk Company also make perfumes?

  2. I obtained an old picture of man riding a horse coming to a cabin with an old man sitting on a Kirk soap box. Was this something the Kirk company had done? I can send a pic if you like.

  3. I have a box with the same contents and description. It was my mother’s who passed away in 2003 and it looks very old.

  4. I have a Souvenir Soap Baby in what appears to be an original box with James S. Kirk & Co. Chicago USA on the front of the lid and ends of it.The bottom of the box says FOR THE BATH AND TOILET USE JAP ROSE SOAP You will like it. AFTER THE BATH USE JAP ROSE TOILET TALCUM POWDER

    Do you have any information on this piece?
    I will be glad to send pictures if that would help.

    Thanking you in advance for a reply.

    Jan Mason
    Sky Valley, GA

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