S-K Hand Tools / Sherman-Klove Company, est. 1918

S-K Tools Sherman-Klove Co.

Museum Artifact: S-K Tools Socket Set, c. 1940s

Made By: S-K Hand Tools / Sherman-Klove Company, 3535 W. 47th St., Chicago, IL [Brighton Park]

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3 thoughts on “S-K Hand Tools / Sherman-Klove Company, est. 1918

  1. When were the s-k production dates for the diamond logo metric and inch sockets, wrenches and ratchets?

  2. I have a Sew Easy sewing machine that on the bottom says “in all correspondence regarding this article always mention model no. 1932-42 115V AC-DC 25W 3A ORDER REPLACEMENT PARTS BY MAIL S.K. COMPANY 1932-42 NO.BURLING ST CHICAGO ILL. is this you? Can you give me any information on this machine?

  3. We found this biography for Mr. John Beitner Pagin showing that he was with the Sherman-Klove Company during the years 1916-1917.  This would indicated that the company formed earlier than their license date referenced below.  In addition, advertisements for screw machine operators begin to appear in August, 1918.

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