S-K Hand Tools / Sherman-Klove Company, est. 1918

S-K Tools Sherman-Klove Co.

Museum Artifact: S-K Tools Socket Set, c. 1940s

Made By: S-K Hand Tools / Sherman-Klove Company, 3535 W. 47th St., Chicago, IL [Brighton Park]

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4 thoughts on “S-K Hand Tools / Sherman-Klove Company, est. 1918

  1. Tengo una caja metálica para herramientas, pequeña. En el cajón para piezas pequeñas tiene al frente una calcomanía S-K tools de Chicago. Es increíble la calidad con la que fabricaban sus productos.

  2. We found this biography for Mr. John Beitner Pagin showing that he was with the Sherman-Klove Company during the years 1916-1917.  This would indicated that the company formed earlier than their license date referenced below.  In addition, advertisements for screw machine operators begin to appear in August, 1918.

  3. I have a Sew Easy sewing machine that on the bottom says “in all correspondence regarding this article always mention model no. 1932-42 115V AC-DC 25W 3A ORDER REPLACEMENT PARTS BY MAIL S.K. COMPANY 1932-42 NO.BURLING ST CHICAGO ILL. is this you? Can you give me any information on this machine?

  4. When were the s-k production dates for the diamond logo metric and inch sockets, wrenches and ratchets?

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