J. P. Seeburg Corp., est. 1902

Seeburg Music System

Museum Artifact: Seeburg Music System “Wall-O-Matic” Selector Jukebox, Type WI-L56, c. 1947

Made By: J. P. Seeburg Corp., 1500 N. Dayton St., Chicago, IL [Goose Island]

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7 thoughts on “J. P. Seeburg Corp., est. 1902

  1. I found out about this company from a detail in an old Austrian TV Series from the Seventies.
    Kottan Ermittelt, episode: Hartlgasse 16a. The machine, a “Jolly Roger” Pinball machine, appears in a scene where a girl is playing on it vigorously. The picture shows the type label for a moment. I was curious so I pressed pause and did some research. The company made wonderful machines that made generations of children and teenagers happy. And they apparently were sold internationally.
    I was born in the 80s and played on those flippers until the mid 90s when they slowly began to disappear with the arcade gaming places alltogehter here.

  2. I’m a collector of J.P. Seeburg juke boxes. Own 7 total. Live in Detroit suburb. Proud of Chicago & all the the things built there. How about Webster-Chicago corp. Have an old Webcor reel to reel. Made in Chicago all major company’s need to be documented. Something your city is proud of & should preserve!!!

    1. Hi, Pete I was hoping maybe you can help me out. I have been trying so hard to figure out some information on my upright piano. I have what looks to be an early 1900’s J.P. Seeburg Chicago. I know it has to be almost that old because there is a tuning sticker inside dating back to I believe 1917. So I guess what I am asking is if you can direct me in the way of finding information about these pianos. Any historians or antique piano websites or any kind of registries. That would be great and if ya can’t it was worth a shot thank you.

    2. 4/4/2022 Hi Pete I’m in need of repair on my 1950 seeburg 100 selectomatic jukebox and live 30 miles northwest of detroit can you help me or refer someone? Thanks for your time..Nancy

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