Ideal School Supply Co., est. 1913

Ideal School Supply Co. history

Museum Artifact: Box of Addition Flash Cards, c. 1940s

Made By: Ideal School Supply Company, 8316 S. Birkhoff Ave., Chicago, IL [Auburn Gresham]

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7 thoughts on “Ideal School Supply Co., est. 1913

  1. When my Dad came to Alaska in 1961 to teach high school French, he purchased an Ideal School Supply wooden lecturn for his classroom. 15 years later, the school district provided him with a new lecturn, and his old Ideal piece came home to be used as a tool chest in our garage for 40 years. When he passed away, I brought Dad’s old lecturn home, cleaned it up, and now I use it to hold special books and blankets in my living room. Excellent and durable piece of furniture!

  2. I had gotten a small personal sized paper cutter that looks like a guillotine online and it came with scool photos and other historical items

  3. I recently bought a guillotine paper cutter at a thrift store in Missoula MT. It is an Ingento 5 1/2 made by Ideal School Supply Co. That got me interested in the company but I could find very little about it.

  4. I was given some old art supplies almost 30 years ago and am just now looking through the things I never used. I was wondering if the place still existe and the year this was produced and found your page. The packets say: I have 2 4×4 inch packets labeled Gold and Silver paper, No. 60, 100 Sheets, Ideal School Supply Co., Chicago, Ill.

  5. I just found a copy of their Wooden Parquetry set (no.3661) from the early 70s (?) at a thrift store. The address printed on that box says Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453, so perhaps they moved their headquarters later? I hope to learn more about their history soon!

  6. I came across an old “Harmon Jump Board mfg by Ideal School Supply”…printed on the back, many years ago when an old school was demolished in Sidney, I’ll. It is a spring board used by gymnastics. I was just wondering if you are the company that made it and if so can you tell me it’s history. Thanks for your time.

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