Kay Musical Instrument Co., est. 1931

Kay ukulele

Museum Artifact: Kay Ukulele, c. 1960

Made By: Kay Musical Instrument Company, 1640 W. Walnut St., Chicago, IL [West Loop]

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  1. The laminated Kay upright string bass still maintains a following to this day among folk, bluegrass, jazz and rock musicians. Probably the most famous of all Kay basses was originally owned by Bill Black, Elvis Presley’s bass player and is currently owned by Paul McCartney. The Kay basses were produced from the 1930’s until about 1969, when the manufacturing equipment was sold to Englehardt which began producing their own line of laminated cellos and basses based on the Kay models. Englehardt ceased production around 2020 or so.

  2. Whole site very well done. Don’t forget Valco, that made guitars and basses right in there with Kay and Harmony.

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