Illinois Bronze Powder & Paint Co., est. 1906

Illinois Bronze Powder Co.

Museum Artifact: Decorative Bronzing Liquid, c. 1910s

Made By: Illinois Bronze Powder Co., 162 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL [Downtown / The Loop]

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12 thoughts on “Illinois Bronze Powder & Paint Co., est. 1906

  1. I have a tin full of Gold Tinsel labeled IllBronze Brand. wondering what to do with it. Illinois Bronze Powder Co.

  2. Hello, we just discovered a full container (16oz) of Illbronze Silver Tinsel #3 powder.
    How do I share a photo here to learn more about it?

  3. I am looking for a particular acrylic paint made by your company, Country Colors. It is called Indian sky number 2308. I am wondering if you still produce acrylic paints or if Country Colors is still in business?

  4. While on trip to Whitehorse in the Yukon in purchased an antique can of spray paint. It`s labelled Spray-O-NameL by Illinois Bronze Powder Co. Never seen anything like it before and can not find any history on the product like when they started manufacturing the spray paint in cans. I’m thinking the early 50’s and would appreciate an information on it’s history.
    Thanks DC.

  5. I found my grandmother’s stash of the small glass tubes of 1001 pale gold brilliant Illbronze Brand Illinois Bronze Powder Co. has a stam AA .50 5/65 Stamford. The last part is probably the year she bought and Stamford, Texas was where she lived. My question is could I use in a painting?

  6. I take it that you are in the process of gathering information about The Illinois Bronze Powder Company which is what my powder packets say on them, nothing mentioned about Powder & Paint Co.
    So was just wondering if it was just a powder company for a bit before they changed it to Powder & Paint Co.?

  7. Hi! I just came across several 2 oz jars of your metallic paint that were purchases at AceHardware. What are the odds something that old is still useable. I had several products that old that were still used and had good results.


    Mary Ellen Gray

  8. I have the complete “Vernis Martin” Gilding Outfit. Gold box with 3 full glass bottles inside. What is this worth?

  9. I have 20+ envelopes of High Grade Bronze Powder. Patent Ruby Red & Copper Brilliant colors. Interested in selling. Been my possession for 50+ years.

  10. Bronze powder is actual ground-up bronze metal. It was often used as “antique gold” for frame, furniture and signage. The powder is very dense so you would blend it with the bronzing liquid to make a paint out of it. Otherwise, the pigment settles very hard and becomes unusable. I don’t know if it’s worth much, as it is still made today.

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