Illinois Bronze Powder & Paint Co., est. 1906

Illinois Bronze Powder Co.

Museum Artifact: Decorative Bronzing Liquid, c. 1910s

Made By: Illinois Bronze Powder Co., 162 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL [Downtown / The Loop]

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8 thoughts on “Illinois Bronze Powder & Paint Co., est. 1906

  1. I found my grandmother’s stash of the small glass tubes of 1001 pale gold brilliant Illbronze Brand Illinois Bronze Powder Co. has a stam AA .50 5/65 Stamford. The last part is probably the year she bought and Stamford, Texas was where she lived. My question is could I use in a painting?

  2. I take it that you are in the process of gathering information about The Illinois Bronze Powder Company which is what my powder packets say on them, nothing mentioned about Powder & Paint Co.
    So was just wondering if it was just a powder company for a bit before they changed it to Powder & Paint Co.?

  3. Hi! I just came across several 2 oz jars of your metallic paint that were purchases at AceHardware. What are the odds something that old is still useable. I had several products that old that were still used and had good results.


    Mary Ellen Gray

  4. I have the complete “Vernis Martin” Gilding Outfit. Gold box with 3 full glass bottles inside. What is this worth?

  5. I have 20+ envelopes of High Grade Bronze Powder. Patent Ruby Red & Copper Brilliant colors. Interested in selling. Been my possession for 50+ years.

  6. Bronze powder is actual ground-up bronze metal. It was often used as “antique gold” for frame, furniture and signage. The powder is very dense so you would blend it with the bronzing liquid to make a paint out of it. Otherwise, the pigment settles very hard and becomes unusable. I don’t know if it’s worth much, as it is still made today.

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