The Gem Pencil Sharpener by APSCO, 1920s

The Gem Pencil Sharpener

Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co., 58 E. Washington St., Chicago, IL [Downtown/The Loop]

“The Gem” was another model of 1920s hand-crank wonders from Chicago’s Automatic Pencil Sharpener Company, aka APSCO. It’s bit lighter and smaller than the “Chicago” brand or the “Giant” (both of which we also have in the museum), but the essential function and design is pretty darn identical.

We do have a full history of the Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co., which you can read over on the page for the Giant sharpener. It goes into great detail about APSCO’s epic 1920s patent battles, as well as the dancing skills of company president E.C. Loomis.

3 thoughts on “The Gem Pencil Sharpener by APSCO, 1920s

  1. I have the basic green with celluloid holder. Best pencil sharpener ever. My curiosity about its worth, is a way to tell my grandchildren the value of old things versus electric things. Any guesstimate to its worth?

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