Do-Ray Lamp Co., est. 1920

Do-Ray Lamp Company history

Museum Artifact: Tiger-Ey No. 100-0 Plastic Truck Reflector, c. 1950s

Made by: Do-Ray Lamp Company, 1458 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL [South Loop]

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3 thoughts on “Do-Ray Lamp Co., est. 1920

  1. I have an amber glass lens cover. It has DoRay printed on the front and on the rim is printed DoRay lamp co Chicago Ill. Any idea how old it is?

  2. I have a small, conical shaped Do-Ray lamp lens marked BL 25 DC. It’s a beautiful deep red color. Is it possible to research the history of this nice lens?

  3. The outer steel ring that holds the plastic refelector was supplied from 1956-73 by Hennessy Steel Corporation, located near 36th street and Kedzie avenue. Strip width was critical to ring quality which was stamped in a “closed” die.

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