American Reflector & Lighting Co., est. 1885

Art-O-Lite Lamp

Museum Artifact: Art-O-Lite Reflector Art Lamp, c. 1930s

Made By: American Reflector & Lighting Company, 100 South Jefferson St., Chicago, IL [West Loop]

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2 thoughts on “American Reflector & Lighting Co., est. 1885

  1. My name is Doug Lawson. I am the grandson of the last operator (Allan F. Lawson) of American Reflector and Lighting Co. The operation ceased upon my grandfather’s death in 1988, although my father (Michael) occasionally filled “special orders” upon request for Wally Findlay gallery, which was the company’s largest customer at the end. The fixtures were manufactured exactly the same way as the example shown until the very end. It has been many years, but I still think I remember how to build them from scratch. I really do appreciate that some people have taken interest in the company and it’s history in recent years.

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