DeMet’s Inc., est. 1898

DeMet's Turtles history

Museum Artifact: Turtles Candy Tin, c. 1960s

Made By: DeMet’s, Inc., 177 N. Franklin St., Chicago, IL [Downtown / The Loop]

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2 thoughts on “DeMet’s Inc., est. 1898

  1. Not as great as the old Fannie May of Chicago; but, now the Fannie May Confections Brands, Inc. of North Canton, Ohio has even made the pecan pieces much smaller & they don’t even cover the bottom anymore. The caramel within, is now too chewy instead of austentaciously smooth. The company is even trying to trick their customers with their pricing by selling their 14 Oz. Colonial Assortment with only 2 PIxies while the old assortment had 4 Pixies/16 Oz. Pkg. Now their chocolate covered cherries don’t have the delectable liquid within that it once had. God, if you can’t make it better then leave it alone. I am done buying Fannie May. I probably try Demets again. No wonder when sales lag that companies go bankrupt.

    1. I am done with Fannie May PIxies, as they cheapened & ruined a good thing. Shame on their top management & CEO. Back to Demet’s Turtles again.

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