Chicago Specialty MFG Co.

Chicago Specialty Tool History

Museum Artifact: 3-in-1 Closet Spud Wrench, c. 1960s

Made By: Chicago Specialty MFG Co., 2954 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, IL [Albany Park]

Research is underway on this one and a full write-up will be coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Chicago Specialty MFG Co.

  1. Hello Mr. Clayman, My name is Paul Lara, I live out in S. California. I was wondering if you have the historical information on the Chicago Specialty Mfg. Co.?

  2. I have one of these in great shape it’s still got the aluminum color to it and I was wondering what it’s for what it is and what it’s worth thank you

  3. I found an unopened tin of Shire Seal buna-N faucet washers manufactured by Chicago Specialty Mtg Co. It appears to be vintage. I am not in the antique business and was wondering if it’s something that would fit with your other Chicago items. thanks Ralph Rogers

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