Case-Moody Pie Corp., est. 1929

Case-Moody Pies Tins

Museum Artifact: Case-Moody Pie Pans, c. 1940s

Made By: Case-Moody Pie Corporation, 1807 W. Walnut Street, Chicago, IL [West Loop]

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  1. I am a direct descendent of the “Moody” in Case-Moody Pie Company. Predecessor companies were Moody Pie Company and then Moody & Waters Pie Company. Moody & Waters, as we understand it, merged with Case Pie Company to form Case-Moody Pie Company.
    The company was originally founded by my great-great grandfather A.J. Moody, an Irish immigrant, who, as best we can tell, arrived with his father and very little money. The company he founded was apparently quite successful, so much so that the “original” A.J. Moody’s death was given an obituary in the New York Times.

  2. My grandfather worked at Case Moody Pie Co. as a pie baker from about 1910 to 1920. He came home in the morning and took my mom (born in 1913) off for errands and to the park each day. My mom loved her father so much. He became very sick in 1920 and died in 1921 when my mom was only seven years old. My mom (who herself passed in 1980 ) recalled to me that the owner (Mr Case or Mr Moody or both) were at the graveside service for her father. My mom rode to the cemetery in a fancy car ( probably Mr Moody’s) My mom told me that at the graveside service, one of the owners of the Pie Co. took off his beautiful white glove and tossed it as the coffin was lowered saying “Good-bye Mike”. This story is shared because of the extreme kindness of that gesture and how much it meant to my mother. She carried that compassionate gesture from your family in her heart for her whole life. I share this memory with my children and grandchildren : four generations later your family has blessed mine. May you receive this story in your hearts with all the joy and kindness you have given to mine. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Gloria. I’m so glad for the comfort this brought your family. I cannot say with certainty if my ancestor “Mr. Moody” was at the gravesite. If, by chance, it was my grandfather, he too died in 1920 and I suspect both of them were casualties of the Spanish Flu. My grandfather did have bothers, so one of them could well have been the Mr. Moody at the gravesite.

  3. Elisha W. Case, who was one of the founding partners of Case & Martin Pies, is my 4th Great Grandfather. I am descended from his son John Merton Case, brother of Elmer G. Case, of the Case-Moody Pie Bakery. I appreciate any mention of the company, or new facts that I was not aware of.

  4. I have a treasured Case Moody pie tin that was from my grandparents’ restaurant. It was called “The Chatterbox” and was located on State Street in Lockport, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Although they whipped up lunches and all manner of delectable fountain treats, they ordered pies that met their standards .. like those featuring this emblem! The tin is used at least once a week in our home and it’s like being in the arms of my beloved grandparents once again.

  5. BOTH of my parents worked at Case-Moody pie company in the early 30’s when they were engaged. They used to tell stories – I especially remember the one about putting a thumb into the crust of their chosen pie of the day for their lunch. By doing so, they got to buy the whole rejected pie for about a dime!
    I have forgotten so many. But even when I was young, I was in love with Case-Moody Cocoanut Pies!

  6. Brother cousin and went into the deserted building in the 1960s. Very interesting to see the equipment and pies still in pie tins on the oven conveyor belt, looked like thy just walked out one day.

  7. I have an ink blotter with the name “The Case Pie Company” (Chicago) with phone numbers West 803, West 329 and Auto. 85297
    It was among family photos of Elsie Kellner, 4912 N. Kostner, Chicago. She died in 1958 and do not have any known descendants. She had siblings Otto, George, Henry and Lily.

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