Steven’s Candy Kitchens, est. 1921

stevens candies

Museum Artifact: Mrs. Steven’s Candies Tin, c. 1930s

Made By: Steven Candy Kitchens, Inc., 481 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL [River West]

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4 thoughts on “Steven’s Candy Kitchens, est. 1921

  1. I found an old “Mrs. Steven’s” metal candy box and wondered if your company would like yo have it. It was in my Great Aunt’s things & I think it’s probably from the 1940’s. Please let me know before I toss it out. Thank you!

  2. My parents told the story of how they met at Orchestra Hall. My dad worked as an usher at Orchestra Hall while attending music school, and Mom worked at a Stevens Candy shop that was apparently in the lobby or next door.

    I wonder if you could clarify: Was there a candy shop in the lobby or next door? And are there any photographs?

    Thanks for any information!

  3. I think this is the company that my Dad worked at for years. It later became Martha Washington Candies and then that closed down.

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