International Harvester / McCormick-Deering, est. 1902

mccormick-deering seat

Museum Artifact: Deering Cast Iron Tractor Seat, c. 1920s

Made By: International Harvester Company, Deering Works, Clybourn and Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL [Lincoln Park]

Research is underway on this one and a full write-up will be coming soon.

2 thoughts on “International Harvester / McCormick-Deering, est. 1902

  1. I have a really early wood sign you might be interested in. It’s definitely original and I’m guessing from. 1840-1860. Please contact me at if interested in hearing more about it. 3194305991. Thx Ryan Wade

  2. I worked for a harvester dealer for 10 years near “the end”
    I have a small cache of items that are new if interested, mostly key chains a few hats etc.
    I sold my 66 Thrasher truck to my neighbor so it would be out of sight , he parked in the back yard, I see it every day, looks just like every other :retired IH pick up, i was only 2nd owner, I bought it from the dealer I worked for

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