Felt & Tarrant MFG Co. / Comptometer, est. 1887

Felt & Tarrant Comptometer History

Museum Artifact: Comptometer Calculating Machine, Model H, 1920s

Made by: Felt & Tarrant Manufacturing Company, 1733 N. Paulina St., Chicago, IL [Near West Side]

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6 thoughts on “Felt & Tarrant MFG Co. / Comptometer, est. 1887

  1. I have a FELT & TARRANT MFG. CO./ COMPTOMETER. It has 72 keys (3 – 3 – & 2) plus a red key on the right side just above the keys. Also, there are numbers on the lower left side
    I am looking for a company to repair it plus add missing keys…the numerical top of the keys
    (12 missing).

  2. Can anyone tell me which model that I have and anything about it? I have one and it also has 12 buttons across – first 2 columns are black buttons, then next 3 columns are tan/beige, next 3 columns are black and last 2 columns are tan/beige. On the metal on top it has: Felt & Tarrant Mfg. Co. – under that CHICAGO. – under that it has PATS. then a bracket and 5 lines with 3 columns of numbers. The top line is 2,020.975 1,066,096 762,521 and the bottom 5th line has 1,072,933 789,933 789,099 366,945. The serial number is 216216. It has all the buttons and is in very good shape. I don’t know how to use it so I don’t know if it works.

  3. I am researching a company who had all their castings made at Tarrant. 1900-1930’s. Any historical info available for this firm from that timeframe ?

  4. In follow up to my previous email; this is a wooden box model and I did locate the serial #3423. The box and keys are all in great shape. The reset lever is missing though. Thanks

  5. I have one of these, however, it has 90 keys. The metal label shows patents from July 19,87 through Dec 15,91, but also has a stamp under those that states Sep 22,96. Can you tell me anything about this particular model? Thanks

  6. I have one of these. Must be a later model because it has a times/divide key on lower left of keyboard. Probably made in the 1930’s. In very good condition.

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