Duro Decal Company, est. 1940

Duro Decal History

Museum Artifact: Duro “Sign Maker” Letter and Number Decals + Display Box, c. 1960s

Made By: Duro Decal Co., Inc. / Duro Art Supply, Inc. / Duro Art Industries, 1832 W. Juneway Terrace, Chicago, IL [Rogers Park]

Research is underway on this one and a full write-up will be coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Duro Decal Company, est. 1940

  1. The display box was provided with initial orders of the decals, and there were different size and shape ones for the “Sign Maker” decals, “reflectorized” letter and number decals, larger letters and number decals (5 inch and 5-1/2 inch with a drop shadow), decorative decals, boat identification letter and number decals and “stock signs” decals.

    I donated the box pictured, and it actually contained the combined inventory of two decal stock boxes.

  2. Hello,
    I just started researching my red box. Mine doesn’t have the stuff inside, but I have the beautiful red box. Maybe they were shipped out to dealers around the country this way? At any rate, I have one here in Phoenix!

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