Slingerland Drum Company, est. 1912

Slingerland Drum History - Tempo King

Museum Artifact: Slingerland Tempo King Bass Drum Pedal, 1960s

Made By: Slingerland Drum Company, 6633 N. Milwaukee Ave [Niles, IL]

Research is underway on this one and a full write-up will be coming soon.

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  1. Love the website. Thanks for your work.
    The original Slingerland factory was at 1815 N. Orchard St. (1813-1815, to be precise.) They moved to Niles after the death of the founder (H.H. Slingerland) in the 40’s. The original factory site survives, and has been chopped up into condos. I have some old catalog ads with the address and renderings of the factory that I can e-mail you if you’d like. I also own a gorgeous May Bell Banjolele, produced by Slingerland before they got in the drum business. Happy to send you a snap of that, too. Thanks again for the great site.

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