Steel Ball-Peen Machinist’s Hammer by Indestro MFG Co., c. 1930s

Indestro Ball Peen Hammer

Indestro MFG Co., 2649 N. Kildare Ave., Chicago, IL [Hermosa]

This vintage hammer was kindly donated to the museum by Carol Wagner, from her late grandfather’s collection.

Research is underway and a write-up on this specific item will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, you can still check out the full history of Indestro Manufacturing and its sister company Duro Metal Products on our Indestro Bottle Capper page.

5 thoughts on “Steel Ball-Peen Machinist’s Hammer by Indestro MFG Co., c. 1930s

  1. I purchase a indestro ball-peen hammer at a yard sale I cldnt tell who made it it was really rusty I did clean it where I cld see the name on it,I was wondering if it had any value to it I got it in Charleston WV thank you

  2. I have a Steel Ball-Peen Hammer which is an exact replica of the one on your web site. It was given to me by a friend’s wife as a souvenir. My friend who is deceased was a Flight Engineer on B -17 aircrafts during World War II in the Pacific. If was possibly part of the equipment in a B-17, I would like to donate it to the World War II museum in New Orleans. I’m sure the museum would like to have it but they need to know if it was really used on Army Aircraft.

    Please let me know so I can make the donation. If you want a photo to confirm the hammer I will send you one.

    1. Hi Leo. It’s certainly possible the hammer could have been used on aircraft during the war, as the timing would make sense. Unfortunately, I have no way of confirming that for you at this time. We’re a museum ourselves and not associated with the former Indestro MFG Co.

  3. I recently came across the exact same hammer in my Grandfathers tool bench, can you give me more information on it?

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