Foley & Co., est. 1888

Foley & Co History - Foley's Banner Salve

Museum Artifact: Foley Banner Salve, c. 1900

Made By: Foley & Co., 92 Ohio Street (845 W. Ohio St.), Chicago, IL [River West]

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One thought on “Foley & Co., est. 1888

  1. Hey there Andrew. Foley and co was a patent medicine company based out of Chicago in the early 20th century (I think founded in the late 19th century?). The founders were Henry and John Foley. John Foley founded Foley Alabama. I understand that’s where he invested a lot of his own money from Foley and co including a hotel (magnolia hotel) and railroad down there. I don’t have much info on Henry Foley other than he left Foley and co to work for Crane Medicine Company in 1909. John Foley is my great – great grandfather. I wish I had more personal artifacts or stories but I’ve just been learning about everything from scratch!
    References that may be of interest:,_Alabama

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