Northwestern Beverage Co., est. 1920s

northwestern beverage history

Museum Artifact: Northwestern Beverage Co. Shipping Crate, c. 1960s

Made By: Northwestern Beverage Co., 3691 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL [West Town]

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Archived Reader Comments:

“Northwestern Beverage Company was in business from approximately 1930 through 1985.  It was a family-owned soft drink bottling company featuring 30 different varieties of soda pop.  For most of the years, it bottled its products in 32 oz. bottles, but in the earlier years, offered 16 oz. bottles.  In the early 1970’s, it started offering soda pop in cans.  The low wood crates are for the 16 oz. bottles.  The pictured crate is from around 1970.” —JJ, 2019

“It was a returnable bottle. It came in assorted flavors. I think there were 30 bottles in a case. I used to work on a truck that distributed Peacock, Doc’s Diet, Montreal, Brown Derby, Seltzer botlles and everything Northwestern Beverage Company handled.” —Ron Remus, 2018

“I found a 10oz bottle of Montreal Beverage from Northwestern Beverage Co. ” —anon, 2018

“I have 7 oz Peacock Beverage bottle that was bottled by Northwestern Beverage Co in Chicago. Can’t find any info on it. Anyone know anything.” —, 2017

3 thoughts on “Northwestern Beverage Co., est. 1920s

  1. Hi. I was just writing some notes to my kid about my family history in Chicago and decided to Google Northwestern Beverage Company. I found this article! My grandfather owned the company, at some point. I grew up hearing stories from my mom about it but I never knew any factual information. Please send me an email and maybe we can talk on the phone and share more information. Thank you.

  2. A number of pop-bottling companies, small and discreet, bottled beer for the various gangs in Chicago during Prohibition. With Repeal, they converted to pop/soda making. There were at least two in Bridgeport, one just north of 35th Street and South Ashland and another on nearby Archer.

    Can‘t remember their names at the moment.

  3. I just picked up the same crate in my alley. I liked the size, shape and potential history. Do you know if there’s any worth to it? I think my brother will like

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