Reliable Paste Company, est. 1917

Reliable Paste Company History

Museum Artifact: Reliable Cold Water Wall Size Paste, c. 1950s

Made By: Reliable Paste Company, 3560 S. Shields Ave., Chicago, IL [Armour Square]

Research is underway on this one and a full write-up will be coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Reliable Paste Company, est. 1917

  1. Found a Reliable Paste Company
    (3223-25 cottage Grove Ave, Chicago illinois Telephones: Douglas 0344-7136) possible letter opener? With that address info on it. Can provide photo if needed. Was just curious about company and just some info on what they did. Thx

  2. The site of Guaranteed Rate Field/VIP parking lot. Would have been catty-corner from Comiskey Park.

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