Unity MFG Co., est. 1918

Unity Fog Lamp

Museum Artifact: Unity Model S-3 Safety Light, c. 1940

Made By: Unity Manufacturing Company, 2909 S. Indiana Ave., Chicago, IL [Douglas]

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One thought on “Unity MFG Co., est. 1918

  1. I have a boxed Unity MFG Safety Light Standard Model Number S-4 – Brand New – still in its cardboard box and packaging. The Label is badly decomposed/rat-eaten however, stamped on it are the words “UTILITY 8-8 Volt B….”. The Patent mark says “Patented 1914 /15 ’24 ’29 ’33”.

    I can send a picture of the box and Spotlight and labels – the lamp is made of Brass, is complete and assembled with wiring coil and labels and a material ‘pocket’ I think containing the fitment gasket and screws. I have not opened the material bag. I would like to sell it complete however I do not know what year it was manufactured, what vehicle it was manufactured for, what it is worth, and how to dispose of it.

    I live in South Africa.

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