Allied Radio Corp., est. 1928

Allied Radio Knight history

Museum Artifact: Knight Radio Tube, c. 1940s

Made By: Allied Radio Corporation / Allied Electronics, 833 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL [West Loop]

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  1. Found some mylar, double strength magnetic recording tape. Several boxes, actually. Made by this same company, here in Knoxville, TN. Each box is labeled as parcel, much like a postcard on the back. If interested, Please respond to this comment, and I will follow up with some images.

  2. I purchased an allied record player model kn3200B. I believe it may have been used in automobile because it says 12 volt mobile record player on front. Looking for any information on this player.

  3. Allied Radio did not have a store at 1700 Harlem ave. That was Joseph Electronics that serviced the local repair shops and hams with parts and tubes.

  4. I think there was an Allied / Radio Shack in the early 70’s at about 1700 N Harlem, just down from the Sears at Harlem & North? I could be wrong, but I do remember going there to buy a schematic of something that I wanted to fix. The World Radio History site has some Alled catalogs ( ) and the Chicagology website has a page about pre-War Allied ( ).

  5. I rem. Allied had a store open to the public on Western av. in Chicago back in the 1960s …..Olson radio was across the street.

    1. Yes, Allied was located at 100 N Western Avenue. I seem to recall that Newark Electronics was located at about 800 W Jackson until the neighborhood declined in the late 60’s. By the late 70’s, both companies had de-emphasized direct consumer sales in favor of becoming industrial parts jobbers.

      1. My Father worked at the first one that opened. At 90 he still has great memories of working there….

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